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Perth and Kinross Council are proposing to stop paying Music Tutors to run Music Camps and Central Groups (the P&K youth bands, orchestras and choirs). If the council does this, Central Groups will stop and Music Camps will no longer take place, thus depriving children of the most fun aspects of learning a musical instrument. Music Tutors already do a lot of unpaid work. They do not have any ‘extra’ time in their Working Time Agreement to fit in Music Camps and Central Groups.

At camps which do go ahead, Perth and Kinross Council want to cut the number of music staff and have decided to stop funding a music camp nurse. The presence of a nurse has allowed children whose lives are constrained by poor health to go to camp and the presence of extra music staff allows bands and orchestras to practice properly and children with additional support needs to be supported.

We therefore call upon Perth and Kinross Council to ensure the following:
1) That Music Tutors working in Central Groups and Music Camps are paid for their additional work over and above the Working Time Agreement.
2) To fund a camp nurse.
3) To allow Instrumental Music Services to decide the number of staff needed at music camps and not be forced to run them with the minimum staff/pupil ratio.

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