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Thank you to all who were able to attend this evening’s Information Evening. The above slides have been updated/ corrected with information from your queries.

The instrument return day is now corrected to WEDNESDAY 10th JULY – soon after 2pm. (We will email and update the website once we know the actual time.) If you are unable to collect your instruments on that day – in the time slots we will set out. They can be collected at a mutually agree time later or at the Autumn rehearsals.

It is confirmed that BA does not provide a meal on flights under 5 hours.

A concern was expressed about allowing groups of children to have their own FREE TIME in Florence and around the other venues. There will always be provision for the children to remain in supervised groups at all times in accordance with parental intentions. We will assume that this is the case for all children under the age of 16 – unless you tell us otherwise.

There was a concern about carrying a large sum of cash for day to day expenses. The meeting was advised that no pocket money was necessary – but if players wish to top up with a snack – £10 a day would more than cover that cost – which could also cover the cost of their food on outward in inbound travel days. For safety – many will opt to use a DEBIT card which offers little or no exchange rates. You may prefer that your child may opt to BANK cash with the Tour Coordinator – to be released as required.

Children with medical conditions were reminded to update us with any changed medication or other circumstances.

Allergies – since one player traveling with the group has a serious NUT ALLERGY – please be alert and preferably DO NOT EAT NUTS DURING FLIGHTS – but also in general during the tour. The airlines are being advised of this too.

You can provide us with further updates (missing photos) and queries through the usual email:

Thank you.

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