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6th May 2018
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7th May 2018

Dear Parent/ Guardian,


2019 Concert Tour

Perth Youth Orchestra has enjoyed a series of successful concert tours across the UK and in Europe over the past fifty years. Previous tours have taken us to England, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic. Each one has brought great acclaim for the orchestra, both abroad and at home.

Perth Youth Orchestra is at the pinnacle of Perth and Kinross Council’s Instrumental Music Service Central Groups and relies heavily on its stage by stage progression which takes place from the elementary, through the intermediate and senior orchestras and bands. We have been alert to the Council’s expected fee increases for tuition, Central Groups and Music Camp, in the coming year. As an independent charity, Perth Youth Orchestra is in contact with Perth and Kinross Council, continuing to speak out on behalf of families. It seeks to encourage the council to keep its high standard of instrumental tuition, whilst ensuring that it offers opportunities that all families can access. You may have seen some of PYO’s work on your behalf in recent press reports.

Tour costs are heavily subsidised thanks to the backing of our major sponsors, the Gannochy Trust and Perth and Kinross Council, as well as from the Friends of Perth Youth Orchestra. Together with the series of fund raising events which will take place throughout the tour year we are able to cut the real costs of our foreign tours by £250-£300.

Planning now has started for the next concert tour. With your commitment to support our fundraising initiatives, and with the help of our major patrons, the Perth Youth Orchestra committee feels confident that it will not seek to increase our tour costs which has remained the same since 2013. We aim to keep the price at £995 per player.

As with previous tours, we are offering a 33% discount for second and subsequent family members in the orchestra.

The proposed tour dates are from Tuesday 2nd – Tuesday 9th July 2019, but are still subject to confirmation. Please check them against your family holidays, school trips and other potential clashes. The tour is open to all our existing members and some places are being held for the new players who will successfully audition in October 2018.

At this stage we invite you to indicate whether or not your child would like to join Perth Youth Orchestra’s concert tour next year. Please contact me if you wish clarification on any point. Tour Information Evenings are planned for September 2018 and May 2019, details to follow. Send no money at presentjust complete the enclosed reply slip and return it, by post or email, to the PYO Tour Coordinator at the above address by 25th May 2018. Better still – there is an online version of this same form for your convenience!

If there is sufficient support for the tour, a non-returnable deposit of £215 will be required by Friday June 29th, 2018 and the balance due is payable in twelve monthly payments of £65 starting at the end of July. We are recommending this savings programme to help families to spread the costs. Alternative payment schemes can be agreed. Where financial hardship might prevent a player from taking part, we can offer help to obtain funding. Indeed, for all players, we will support and encourage their enterprising skills in finding financial backing for their place on the tour.

Your prompt response to this invitation will help us to judge the balance of instrumentalists who will join the tour. If there are any vacancies left in a particular section of the orchestra they can be made up with players from other groups.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Mitchell
PYO Tour Coordinator

Perth Youth Orchestra – Summer Tour 2019

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