Tour letter 17th July 2018 (amended from 24th May)

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Dear Parent/ Guardian,

Perth Youth Orchestra’s 2019 Tour

Thank you for reserving a place on Perth Youth Orchestra’s tour in July 2019. We now have the deposits of 54 people, who have declared their interest in joining us. We will offer the remaining places to the new members who are auditioning after the summer but if you know someone who is not yet committed to joining the tour, but would like a place, please ask them to contact us as soon as possible.

It was usual for us not to be in a position to announce a possible destination, but your response has nevertheless been overwhelming. We have thought long and hard, bearing in mind the costs, and the additional fees for tuition etc coming from Perth and Kinross Council. We are delighted to say that next year’s tour will see Perth Youth Orchestra returning to Italy, to Florence and its surrounding area. In particular, we look forward to returning to the Festival Orchestre Giovanili, an international festival of youth orchestras, where we received an amazing welcome in 2013. At one concert alone, 2000 people stood in the crowd, and probably just as many more sat listening in the restaurants, around the city’s Piazza della Signoria.

The PROVISIONAL tour dates are Tuesday 2rdJuly until Monday 8th July 2019 – that’s a day earlier than we initially suggested – but we are awaiting news of 2019 the flight schedules. It is our intention to fly to and from Edinburgh. We will use coaches between Perth and Edinburgh and, as required, for the journeys in Italy. Our accommodation, and base for the tour, will be at a good quality hotel just outside Florence. Once we have arrived, breakfasts, packed lunches and evening meals are included in the price. Main meals times may vary to suit our concert itinerary. Members will be expected to buy their own food en route to and from Italy. A full programme of concerts and social events is being prepared. More details will be available at Perth Youth Orchestra’s AGM and tour information evening in September 2018.

In order to keep within budget, we have opted to stay one less night on tour – 7 days and 6 nights and so, at £950, the cost is a little less than we had predicted.

You can now secure your son/ daughter’s place on the tour by sending a deposit of £230 – our bank is the UNITY TRUST BANK,  Sort Code 60-83-01, Account Number 20353591 – (or cheques can be made payable to Perth Youth Orchestra), to reach us at the above address by Friday 29th June 2018. Please create a payment reference code starting PYO2019 – then add the player’s surname eg PYO2019Henderson.

 You are also kindly requested to set up a monthly standing order ONLINE – (or use the attached Standing Order form which you should be sent directly to your bank), to ensure payment of twelve monthly payments of £60, payable by the 28th of each month, commencing 28th July 2018 and ending on 28th June 2019. Second and subsequent family members are offered a place at the reduced cost of £630. Their deposit will be £150, followed by 12 monthly payments of £40. Prompt and regular payments will help ensure that we can insist on the highest level of service from the travel company. Please take a moment at the end of July to check that your standing order payments have started.

Financial help for individual members may be available through their own schools; parent teacher associations and parent councils, school trust funds or bursaries, in exchange for a short concert or an article about the tour for the school magazine. Let other people know that you are excited about your son/ daughter performing in Italy. Talk to them about the tour and write now seeking sponsorship. If you have already requested more details about supported funding, I will be in touch with you to discuss the best options. Any such enquiries are handled in the strictest confidence.

Perth Youth Orchestra will continue its fund raising and concert schedules, raising the orchestra’s profile in the local community. PYO aim to raise £25,000 to support our instrument transport costs, printing, publicity and cultural visits. Without such a massive fundraising effort, the cost of the tour would have been closer to £1300 per person. As we seek financial help from established trusts and institutions we are very conscious that a measure of their support is determined by how hard we work to help ourselves. Our major sponsors are regularly present at our fundraising events and concerts and they do reward your commitment. We encourage you to give your support by attending all PYO concerts and fundraising events.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Mitchell

PYO Tour Coordinator

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